27 Aug 2012

Rooted in history, Sydney celebrates its favouite trees

Sydney's significant trees are a living asset.

There are 1931 trees - part of Sydney's ''urban forest'' - officially listed as being of historic or environmental significance to the city. They are on private property or scattered through the City of Sydney's public parks, reserves and streets.

A giant river red gum in the front garden of the former Centennial Park home of Nobel prize-winning author Patrick White is on the council's Register of Significant Trees.
''Whoever sees a tree, and loves it, can make a submission,'' Ms Sweeney said. ''The city's urban forest is among our most important assets and significant trees … are often the only lasting remnant of the former natural or cultural landscape.
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Rail decision fears

THE State Government will press ahead with plans to close the Tier 3 rail network to the Wheatbelt, a decision that will force thousands of heavy grain trucks on to Perth’s already overcrowded roads.

A Parliamentary committee report tabled in the Legislative Council in June recommended the Government keep the 700km Tier 3 network open until at least the end of 2014, to allow grain processor Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH) to fully assess its value to wheatgrowers.

But Transport Minister Troy Buswell rejected the recommendation, saying the Government would instead spend $118 million to upgrade regional roads before closing the lines next year.
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21 Aug 2012

Can't be done?

For the past 100 years, new technology has been deemed 'useless' or 'impossible' - Phones! Home computers! And even talking movies - but now each one is well incorporated into life styles.

Share this infographic to show that baseload power from 100% renewable energy is not only possible but a reality now!   Don't forget to have your say by registering your youth decide event!

17 Aug 2012

Perth Green Drinks 22 August

Event: Perth Green Drinks August - Sustainability & Your Health

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 from 5:45 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: 25 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge
Entrance of Francis street (The Lecture theatre is to the right)
Look for the signs with the Perth Green Drinks Logo
Perth, Western Australia 6000

For more information click here: Perth Green Drinks August - Sustainability & Your Health

16 Aug 2012

Can the Swan River survive climate change?

IT'S been called Perth's greatest natural asset, but the stunning Swan River that winds through Western Australia's capital is under increasing pressure from deadly algal blooms caused by the state's drying climate.

Massive fish kills due to the blooms, which starve the water of oxygen, have become an almost annual event in the river, with the worst recorded case in 2003 when more than 200,000 fish died.

This year, unprecedented algal blooms have been killing fish in the middle of winter - a result of the southwest's well-document drying climate, with recorded rainfall declining over at least 30 years.

Without reliable winter rains to flush out saline water and nutrients, algal blooms will continue to take their toll on the river's ecosystems, experts say.
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Forest fight: 10-year plan revealed for South West timber and conservation

A TEN-year draft forest management plan has been released today outlining the future management of WA's vast and pristine forests.

The draft Forest Management Plan 2014-23 released by the Conservation Commission will now take on a 12-week public consultation period from today.

The draft plan covers a massive land area of 2.5 million hectares in the South-West of the state from Lancelin north of Perth to Denmark on the south coast.

Among the plan's proposals are additions to the Whicher National Park near Busselton and greater protection of marri trees as habitat for endangered black cockatoos.

Conservation Commission chairman Brian Easton encouraged the community to have their say on the plan over the next 12 weeks.
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Food and health

Australian court approves tobacco pack logo ban

I really hope that the new Australian law on cigarette packs will help clean up our environment of cigarette butts. Everyone hopes that less children start smoking and therefore less cigarettes will be consumed and hence a cleaner beach!

12 Aug 2012

Clean water

In our western world we are so used to the facilities brought to our house such as electricity, gas and clean water that we are not thinking about where it comes from and how much work goes in there to get it to our door...

6 Aug 2012

The most dangerous species in the ocean

From the couch:

Faerie Cara shares a few facts you may not have known about plastic bags and all the alternatives that are out there. You can find more Cara at her website

Or about the couch here

5 Aug 2012

MRA answers to questions about cutting all the trees in the city

The MRA has sought specialist arboriculture advice to record and assess every tree within the Elizabeth Quay project area. The first option is to retain the tree in-situ. If that is not feasible, then the MRA will look to move it to another site either within or outside the project area. If those options do not prove feasible, a decision is taken to remove the tree based on a number of factors such as:
· lack of a suitable site to which the tree could be feasibly moved;
· possible contamination of soil which would mean, if the tree were moved, the contamination would be transferred to the new site; and
· other logistical, cost, and environmental considerations.
Of the 319 trees identified within the project area:
· 38 will be retained in-situ. UPDATE: In the revised plan ALL trees are to be removed!
· 29 will be removed and replanted back into the project area.
· Approximately 70 will be offered to local governments, schools and community organisations for transplantation outside of the project area.
· More than 130 are not suitable for relocation and will be disposed of as they:
o are species that are not suitable for transplantation at their current age and size;
o in poor health; or
o require significant preparation time.
· A further 45 trees will be removed from the road reserve by Main Roads WA and may be offered to the MRA for transplantation.
The MRA has identified nursery space in Anketell where many of the trees that have been removed from the site will be maintained by a landscaping contractor until they are ready to be returned to the public realm of Elizabeth Quay. Locations for the trees to be replanted back into the project area are still to be determined but are likely to include key public areas such as Station Park.

The total cost of removing the trees is part of the $440million approved budget for the project. The MRA is also seeking to purchase approximately 350 trees of varying species through a local supplier which will be grown over the next 2½ years to the required specification and incorporated into the project area in early 2015.

2 Aug 2012

International E-Waste Design Competition

Ever wonder what happens to your electronic waste?

That old computer or cell phone you discarded?

Do you want new electronics in 10 to 20 years?

If so, here is your chance to do something about it by creating innovative new uses for existing electronic waste, as well as its future prevention.

Important Dates
Sept. 1, 2012 - Registration Opens
Nov. 1, 2012 - Registration Closed
Awards Ceremony -- TBA; Early December 2012
Check here for more information

Cool cardboard bike

Treehugger wrote about this $ 9 cardboard DIY bike and I loved it.

1 Aug 2012


We humans are responsible for a lot of this happening by taking away habitat and destroying it forever...

National Tree Day Perth City

People of Perth stand up to the destruction of their trees and their public open spaces