21 Jun 2015

A child born today may live to see humanity’s end, unless…

Humans will be extinct in 100 years because the planet will be uninhabitable, said the late Australian microbiologist Frank Fenner, one of the leaders in the effort to eradicate smallpox during the 1970s. He blamed overcrowding, denuded resources and climate change.

Fenner’s prediction, made in 2010, is not a sure bet, but he is correct that there is no way emissions reductions will be enough to save us from our trend toward doom. And there doesn’t seem to be any big global rush to reduce emissions, anyway. When the G7 called on Monday for all countries to reduce carbon emissions to zero in the next 85 years, the scientific reaction was unanimous: That’s far too late.
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When looking at the world population counter you would say that nobody cares... It was only a few months ago that I told my students there were almost 7.3 billion people while in the mean time about another 35 million have been added. There were 3.1 billion people when I was born, I am 52 y/o.... 

Why is the topic of birth control so difficult to discuss? Goverments seem to be focussed on growth, as more people means more income, more economic growth, more money. While in the mean time the world is depleting of every source possible and if this biologist is right everyone born now will see it all coming to an end. We already see the signs... 

11 Jun 2015

What do you think is visually more attractive?

A coal fired station?

A wind farm?

A solar powered station?

And which one is better for the environment and our health?

10 Jun 2015

The Undercurrent: why are we being fed by a poison expert?

The Undercurrent delves into the world of mass agriculture to ask how one company has such huge control over the world's food supply.

The name Monsanto was once synonymous with Agent Orange, but in today's world it's the dominance of the widespread pesticide Roundup which helps keep the company on top of the pile.

But is the World Health Organisation's claim that Roundup 'probably' causes cancer, cause for concern?

And what about the company's stance on patenting which sees farmers in developing countries unable to hold on to their seeds for the next season?

Guardian Australia has joined forces with The Undercurrent – an online news show billing itself as an antidote to the five-second soundbite – for a four-part series over June and July. Brisbane creators Jen Dainer and Dan Graetz say it is the show they wish existed – so they created it themselves.

9 Jun 2015


I've just signed up to take action on protecting the outback of WA. If you are interested too, there is a volunteer welcome night next week, Wednesday 17 June 6pm in West Perth, so please sign up too!

We have a responsibility to safeguard our Outback for the future. But leading experts are now warning the Outback is at a tipping point.
Uncontrolled, catastrophic wildfires are causing irreparable damage. Feral cats and other introduced animals are decimating our unique wildlife. Decades of government neglect and over-grazing mean our fragile soils are blowing away. Many of the things that make our State special are at risk of being lost forever.
At a time when people are needed more than ever to meet the challenges facing this special place, people are leaving the Outback because of brakes on opportunity. In the face of a declining pastoral industry, antiquated laws are stopping people from diversifying into more modern, profitable and sustainable ways of making a living and looking after the Outback.
Wouldn’t it be great if our laws reward those who manage their land well, encourage new enterprises and jobs that look after our Outback, and protect our most special natural places?
Fortunately, we now have an opportunity to achieve just that. Right now, the State Government is deciding on historic reforms. The Outback needs your support to make sure they do the right thing and revitalise the Outback so we care for both nature and people.
The Outback belongs to every West Australian. Please join with us to help write the next chapter of the Outback story. Together we can turn things around and breathe a new lease of life into the place at the heart of our State.

The Sea & Me

Last week we went to the screening of this documentary at the Cottesloe surf club and I can really recommend to watch it. We've sent letters to the government and to our local member, if you are concerned about our oceans and sanctuaries, please see info below. 

The Sea & Me, a new film documenting the extraordinary seas surrounding Australia and the inspiring people who look after it, has been touring the nation’s coastal communities.

WA’s Kimberley is at the heart of the last pristine tropical coastline left on Earth. In the coming months we expect the WA Government to officially ask for input on plans for new marine parks for this coast, and it will be essential that they get a strong message that the community supports a network of sanctuary zones within the Great Kimberley Marine Park that will make this pristine area Australia’s best marine park – the protection we know our Kimberley Coast needs and deserves.  We’ll be in touch on this soon with more details but in the meantime, you can send a quick letter here http://www.likenowhereelse.org.au/sign-the-letter/

On a national level, as you are aware, the Abbott Government has suspended our national network of sanctuaries, and ALL are at risk of being cut back or completely erased. Please take a moment to write to your local minister Julie Bishop at www.saveourmarinelife.org.au/review asking her to show leadership to save our sanctuaries.