31 Oct 2011

I was number 3,180,992,994

Today we reach 7 billion people on this planet. Find out where you fit in this time line here.

What do you think about it?

In my opinion we should stop breeding for a while but that seems to be a non topic...

Population growth sees myths reborn
It is silly to suggest that the additional 2 billion people projected to arrive by 2050 will have the same environmental impact as the last 2 billion. No, they won't. Each person added to the population in the future will likely, on average, cause more damage to humanity's critical life-support systems than did the previous person.

26 Oct 2011

Bid launched to make Freo entirely free of plastic bags

COULD Fremantle become a plastic bag-free city?

A campaign to drive sustainable use of plastics by businesses and residents was launched on Saturday, aiming to recognise businesses already avoiding supplying plastic bags and encourage others to follow suit.

Plastic Free Fremantle spokeswoman Lisa Griffin said she had originally envisaged Fremantle banning the use of plastic bags, but having spoken to businesses quickly realised that many were already taking steps to reduce their use.

“We thought why don’t we first off give recognition to those businesses already doing it,” she said.

“That would possibly make those businesses not doing it think twice and stop giving away plastic bags.”

On Saturday, the group gathered outside Old Shanghai food hall gathering signatures on a petition to gauge community support for the initiative.
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24 Oct 2011


The QEII hospital redevelopment is beginning. See the devastation along Winthrop Ave, the massive removal of trees...

Monash Avenue Bushland is next. Any day now!

Temporary parking is needed. Monash Avenue will be destroyed to do this.

After which Ronald MacDonald House will be built on the site in 3 years.
But the government has failed to find an alternative location or temporary car park solutions!

We think they can!

There is still time to find alternate parking solutions: nearby Graylands Hospital and Grace Vaughan House have large existing parking.
Public transport and cycling are other options.

Appeals to the EPA have failed despite Monash Ave. Bushland being an important ecological linkage between Bold Park and Kings Park.

Please come to the rally!
It will take local and immediate action by everyone. If you can't come send an email to Bill Marmion, minister for environment about your concerns: Minister.Marmion@dpc.wa.gov.au

20 Oct 2011

Cyclists overtake the car as recyclists take over the capital

AUSTRALIA'S love affair with cars is souring slightly, Melbourne is growing faster than Sydney, Canberrans are keen recyclers and the housing shortage is particularly severe in Sydney. These are some of the findings of a comprehensive new snapshot of Australian cities.

The State of Australian Cities 2011 report, to be launched today in Brisbane by the federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, assesses the productivity, sustainability and liveability of Australia's 18 biggest cities. Sydney continues to lead the country in several key trends.

Between 2009 and 2010, Sydney had the highest use of public transport of all cities in terms of passenger kilometres travelled. Overall car use flattened in the past year. Bicycles outsold cars by 2 million units in the decade to 2010, with more than 11.5 million bikes sold in Australia in that period.
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No Moore marine parks

Western Australia does not need a marine park network because its fisheries are ''some of the best managed in the world'', says Fisheries Minister Norman Moore

Mr Moore today said he opposed federal government plans to establish a network of marine sanctuaries along the west coast and accused conservationists of trying to 'lock up' vast tracts of ocean.
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While at the same day in the paper:
Read more: http://www.watoday.com.au/environment/conservation/no-moore-marine-parks-20111019-1m804.html#ixzz1bIbGyKBp

Conservationists slam dolphin by-catch
The number of dolphins being killed during commercial trawling in Western Australia's North West has prompted new calls for measures to reduce the by-catch.

Skippers operating off the Pilbara coast reported 17 bottlenose dolphins being caught in fishing nets last financial year.

Researchers are frustrated that the by-catch has not been reduced, despite recommendations on how this could be achieved.

Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net on Valentine's day 2011.

18 Oct 2011

No Such Thing As Waste

A song written for PDC about Permaculture Principle 6 - 'Produce No Waste'
Filmed & Edited by Wee Earthlings. Animations by OzJThomas.

Ripper says Perth cyclists suffering

OPPOSITION leader Eric Ripper says Perth cyclists are suffering on substandard cycle infrastructure while the State Government stalls on its new bicycle network plan.

After riding from State Parliament to Hutton Street last Wednesday morning, Mr Ripper said the Hutton Street, Cedric Street and Karrinyup Road freeway intersections needed urgent attention.

“I’ve just ridden from Parliament House and what I’ve seen is frustrating – too many stops and starts, too many streets to cross and the whole thing needs an upgrade.”

On his bike as part of Ride to Work Day, he told the Stirling Times the State Government should be working as hard as it can to accommodate cyclists.

“Cycling is becoming increasingly popular for commuting to work and that’s a very good development, because of health and reductions in traffic congestion,” he said.

“What we’ve got to do is make things as convenient and as fast as possible for cyclists.”

“In a survey by the RAC, 91 per cent of cyclists said they were afraid to share the roads with car drivers – they’re scared,” he said.

“We need to spend some money on cycling infrastructure and get this right.”

A Department of Transport spokesman said the new WA Bicycle Network Plan would “soon be released for public comment”.
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The Bug Circus Generator

How many praying mantises does it take to power a smartphone? Check it out!

17 Oct 2011

WA: Cashing in on recycling

West Australians could be encouraged to recycle cans and bottles under a plan that would see them receive 10c per item for doing so.

WA Labor plans to introduce a bill which would see refunds on bottles and cans but the State Government says they would prefer a national approach.

Mr Ripper said the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) would have a wide range of benefits including a significant reduction in landfill, water savings, the creation of jobs and a reduction in clean up costs.

“Western Australia has the lowest recycling record of any state in Australia with the rate of recycling bottles and cans at just 20 per cent,” Mr Ripper said.
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Billions of people...

One day this month, the world's population will reach 7 billion.

It took thousands of years - from prehistory to 1960 - for humankind to reach 3 billion. But then it took only 39 years - to 1999 - to add the next 3 billion. And now it has taken just 12 more years to move from 6 to 7 billion.

Growth has been so rapid that the US Population Reference Bureau estimates that about 5 per cent of all the people who have ever lived are living now.
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Update 27 Oct: Seven billionth person to be born next week
SOME time on Monday, the strident cries of a newborn child will echo around the world. For humankind, the birth will mark the arrival of a remarkable milestone: a world population of 7 billion.

16 Oct 2011

Food for good

Since a few years we help friends with picking the olives from their orchard of which they make the most delicious olive oils, available from boutique stores and delivered to some of the best restaurants in the area.

Hampton Estate is a small vineyard and olive grove, privately owned 30 acre property situated near Gidgeannup in the Perth Hills of Western Australia.

The olives and vines thrive in the Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers just like the olives and grapes in the traditional European countries and are less susceptible to pests and diseases.

Hampton Estates produces an individual range of high quality extra virgin olive oil and shiraz wine while they also look after their land; Revegetation along the creek lines and around our beautiful spring- fed dam, mulching of the prunings, continued monitoring of the trees and vines, erosion control and efficient water usage allow them to work with nature in a sustainable agricultural system.

The grapes and olives are hand -picked at the optimum time for flavour and are processed as soon as possible to ensure quality. And here is where we, friends of Kay and John, come in. And we take our friends too, as it's such an enjoyable day in the field with a great lunch in the orchard and as bonus we receive some of the best olive oil in the world!

Today, on Food Blog Day, we had the official tasting of all their goodies, pickers, friends and neighbours came along to taste the wines and olive oils and not to forget the port, which was very tasty! It was the most beautiful day for it, the first hot day this spring with over 35 degrees, and a nice breeze we were sitting in the dappled shadow of the huge trees outside while we enjoyed all the good food.

What in the world is more important than to enjoy some good food and wine with friends in the sun? I can't think of anything better!

I know there is a lot of food shortage in the world especially in countries where there is no anti conception and people have far too many kids to sustain. And I am sure a lot of blogs will aim on that topic. But I wanted a positive post as I love food! Especially healthy, honest food, without pesticides and GM free! For other posts on food check BlogActionDay

14 Oct 2011

Swap a lot Extravaganza 12 November

Interested in helping out call Amy on 9384 4003

More info on the Earthcarers website

12 Oct 2011

Please vote now on GM wheat

The West Australian has a poll in the article SA researchers working on designer wheat to reduce colon cancer

Duh! "The new GM wheats retain certain types of fibre and starch that are currently lost because of food processing."

Would you eat genetically modified wheat?
* Yes - let's break bread 64.09% (207 votes)
* No - I don't want Franken-wheat 35.91% (116 votes)

Please give them some No votes now!

Imagine you wanted to take over the world. What might you do? Well, you could do worse than, say, control the world’s food supply, right? But how might you go about that. Let’s see, first you’d want to make all farmers dependent on the food YOU sell,read on

Update: Busting the GM myths: a view from Greenpeace
GM is crude science
GM crops do not increase yield and will not solve hunger
GM crops pose risks to the environment
We do not know if GM foods are safe to eat

11 Oct 2011

Climate Talk Friday October 14th

Staff, students and community members are invited to attend the following:

At 2pm there is a play, Dystopia, by Mood Theatre

At 2.15pm a Climate Q&A with panellists including Alannah MacTiernan, Brad Pettitt and Basha Stasak
Followed by a Sundowner starting at 4pm.

And from October 9-23, the Murdoch library has a Creative Exhibition which complements Climate Talk.

Please rsvp to D.boyd@murdoch.edu.au


Vego wannebes Mosman Park 18 October

To help gauge the numbers, could you please let Jane know if you are coming by email jblsey@gmail.com or 0403 315 735.
If you would like to come but haven't had time to get that dish together, you're still welcome, just let her know before the day if you can.

Bag it - the movie - playing tonight and next week

The movie Bag it is playing tonight 7.30pm in Northbridge info here

And next week Tuesday night, 18 October 6.30pm, at SciTech in West Perth info here

Bag It Trailer from Film Sprout on Vimeo.

10 Oct 2011

Ride to work day - this Wednesday 12 October!

Make sure you get your free breakfast in the city or anywhere else as they are organised in several suburbs.
Register here for the free breakfast and sign up if you ride to work on your bicycle.

For those who like to read more about it, there is a special website full with stories and people who tell about their experiences riding to work.

And remember:If you ride to work instead of taking the car you have a win-win situation; you might be at work in 20 minutes by car while it takes 40 min to cycle but you don't lose 20 minutes, you gain! As you don't need to go to the gym because you did your work-out for the day.

To maintain a good health you need at least 30 minutes of intensive activity per day, so if you cycle to work you don't need to worry about the gym and if you cycle an hour or more you might even indulge in some extra chocolate ;)

It's just getting into the habit of it, so why don't you try it this Wednesday, see how it goes?

5 Oct 2011

Population growth key to carbon neutral Australia: Perth pair's controversial theory

There are usually only two - strongly opposed - sides in the population debate. You either support growth for the good of the economy or rally against it in the name of the environment.

But a new argument is gaining momentum and it has the potential to appease both sides.
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Dirty Aussie trade

Australian fur trade using cruel raccoon dog from China in clothes and ugg boots

Investigators from The Humane Society International have today revealed the results of tests on a range of clothing including a brand of the iconic Aussie ugg boot and claim many samples contain the fur of raccoon dogs.

Raccoon dog fur is mainly farmed in China where the animals are kept in unbelievably cruel conditions before being beaten and then skinned alive.
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And if you want to end up with a stomach ache watch the horrible video of the dogs being skinned alive and the bloody leftovers still moving and howling on a pile... I can't bear it... What kind of world are we living in, who wants to wear those boots???

Sign the petition to stop it here

2 Oct 2011

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there...

Advertisers without borders

American design company is taking an Australian supplier of replica furniture to Court

IN WHAT may become a test case for intellectual property rights, the American design company Herman Miller is taking an Australian supplier of replica furniture to the Federal Court in a bid to stop it from using the famous Eames name.

The Australian furniture supplier Matt Blatt, with shops in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, sells replica designer furniture , generally at less than half the price of the real thing by legendary American designers, the late husband-and-wife Charles and Ray Eames.

But the American manufacturer Herman Miller, the owner of the Eames trademark, has had enough and is hauling Matt Blatt to the Federal Court of Australia, claiming that the Australian company has infringed trademark, contravened the Trades Practices Act and Australian Consumer Law, and is 'passing off' furniture products as authentic items by Herman Miller.
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