31 Aug 2013

Corporate sustainability

Manufacturing substantially beats government, says major industry report

A new report released by leading independent standards company BSI Group Australia and New Zealand reveals that the government and services sector is substantially lagging behind manufacturing in the provision of many sustainability practices.

The report, ‘Corporate Environmental & Sustainability Governance Survey for 2013’ released by BSI incorporating NCSI is based on responses from 19 different industry sectors, including heavy industrial, food, resources, construction, the government and the service industry, with manufacturing representing more than 50% of the respondents. 

According to the biannual survey, 100% of manufacturers indicated they have environmental and sustainability policies in place, and also conducted energy audits, and implemented energy efficient processes.

Significantly, only 69% of government services organisations undertook energy audits, and just 85% have energy and sustainability policies, while 82% implemented energy efficient processes in 2012.
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A Greens Pollie, an American Anti-Climate-Change Professor, a Noongar Academic and a Pakistani Comedian walk into a bar…

A “Hypothetical” about Climate Refugees
7.30pm, Thursday 5 September: Rosie O’Grady’s, Northbridge

When the oceans rise, the Islanders of Neknus can no longer squeeze into the few remaining hilltop houses. Where are they to go and who is responsible?
Event organiser, Katrina Bercov, said: “Hypotheticals allow us to use a fictional context to explore a real world issue. So this event will not be about debating or discussing the issue. It will follow the story of a group of refugees whose home is underwater and how we respond.”
Event organiser, Katrina Bercov, said: “Hypotheticals allow us to use a fictional context to explore a real world issue. So this event will not be about debating or discussing the issue. It will follow the story of a group of refugees whose home is underwater and how we respond.”
from the front lines of the War on Terror for 8 years.
Inspired by Geoffrey Robertson, and billed as “the thinking person’s night out”, Strictly Hypothetical is social commentary, meets live comedy.
Hosted by actor Elisa Williams, the Hypothetical boasts a distinguished but potentially explosive panel:
 Prof. Ashley Flair, Anti-Climate Change Scientist (USA)
 Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens Senator
Mr Sami Shah, Pakistan’s first stand up comedian, Sami Shah has been delivering punchline
Prof. Colleen Hayward AM, Senior Noongar woman + ECU Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Prof Janette Hartz-Karp, Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute WA

Other “Hypotheticals” scheduled for this year include:

Hidden A Gender: 19 September about a post-gender world
Fair Game: 3 October about sport overtaking art
Radiant: 17 October  about the perfect recreational drug

Tickets: $20/$15 on-line, $25 at the door - only if seats remain.

30 Aug 2013

Monopoly in Australian newspapers creates biased info...

. Thanks Rupert Murdoch, but Australians can choose their own government.

29 Aug 2013

Ride to work day 16 October

Why not start today? Get some practice in!
More info here

27 Aug 2013

WA 2.0 - Thursday 29 August at the Octagon theater at UWA

Thursday 29 August at 6pm at the Octagon. It is the WA2.0 presentation, the culmination of five years’ work from the Greens MPs team. They’re really proud of this work and would like to share it with you. It’s being held at the Octagon theatre at UWA – which holds 700 people - and they’re filming the event, so need it to be full!

25 Aug 2013

Renewable Energy

Cheaper, less toxic and printable solar cells
Breakthrough advances nanomaterials for printable solar cells. An RMIT University research collaboration with top scientists in Australia and Japan is advancing next generation solar cells.
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Why financiers should pay households to put solar on their roof
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How solar and EVs will kill the last of the industry dinosaurs
Several years ago, Tony Seba, an energy expert from Stanford University, published a book called Solar Trillions, predicting how solar technologies would redefine the world’s energy markets and create an investment opportunity worth tens of trillions of dollars.
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Our carbon black hole – the real budget shortfall
As the sun sets on our fossil fuel reliance, the need to dedicate our carbon budget to renewable energy becomes increasingly critical.
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What do the big and small parties really think of wind farms?
So what do the major political parties really think about wind farms? You wouldn’t know from listening to the leaders, because climate change and renewable energy is rarely mentioned, apart from three-word slogans to axe the tax.
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The nocebo effect, and why it’s much more dangerous than wind turbines
Anti-wind energy activists have shifted the goal posts over the years, with aesthetic, birdlife, carbon abatement and even economic issues getting a run. But by far the most cutting attack has been around noise, and the supposed health impacts that result.
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Famers left in the lurch over mallee tree plantations

Over the past decade, successive governments have thrown their support behind the biofuel industry, starting with a pilot processing plant in Narrogin. Western Power began operating the plant in 2002, proving it was possible to generate power from mallee trees.

Farmers were encouraged to take part and the Government even handed out some trees for free. But the trial ended a few years later and the plant has since been gathering dust.


The biofuel industry falls across three different State Government ministries, environment, agriculture and forestry. And farmers like Mr Wilson say that creates a bureaucratic mess.


11 Aug 2013

Open House Perth

Volunteers wanted!

Get inside some of Perth's most iconic destinations this November 2-3.
Open House Perth is your backstage pass to the city!!! Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Public Art and Urban Design play a significant role in our day to day experience of the city.

Open House Perth seeks to enhance this experience through a celebration of the city by unlocking the door to great architecture and design, completely for free. Open House Perth will introduce a program of destinations, events, talks, competitions and exhibitions that celebrate your city.

They are now looking for volunteers for the event so please if you might like to get involved (non-architects/ non-designers welcome!)check this link with more information.
I volunteered last year at Woodhead architects on the Sunday morning. This year I'll be volunteering the Sunday afternoon, not sure where yet.

9 Aug 2013

Design in the park

Friday 6 September 2013 - Register today
Design in the Park is Perth’s premier news source for the design and architectural community.

Design in the Park holds a biennial event in the Osborne Park precinct to showcase the latest product ranges and technologies from around the globe. This precinct is home to a collection of showrooms where it is infamously recognised as the design hub of Perth.

Leading showrooms in furniture, fixtures and finishes open their doors to exclusive DITP Guests to showcase the trends, products and industry news for the coming season. The event launched in 2009 and remains as one of the largest industry events in WA.
More info here and check out Facebook page.

4 Aug 2013

GMO in Western Australia

What are the locals saying about Geneticaly Modified Foods — in Fremantle.

Do you consume enough?

And does it make you happier?

3 Aug 2013

Surfing paradise has a serious trash problem

Zak Noyle's remarkable photos illustrate how disgusting it can be in some parts of Indonesia; 'I kept thinking I would see a dead body of some sort'

It could be said that the waves were perfect on a recent morning at a remote location in Java, in southern Indonesia.

Perfect, except for the appalling amount of trash and other debris, which transformed the typically amazing experience of getting barreled into one that left both surfer and photographer feeling nauseated.

“It was crazy. I kept seeing noodle packets floating next to me,” said Zak Noyle, the photographer. “It was very disgusting to be in there; I kept thinking I would see a dead body of some sort for sure.” Read article

2 Aug 2013

Ten bucks a litre

Dick Smith explores Australia's options as the era of cheap and abundant energy is replaced by an age of scarcity and high cost. If you have missed the ABC 1 documentary yesterday evening you can watch it on Iview.
Dick Smith, self proclaimed single biggest individual fuel user in Australia, goes in search of the energy options that will decide Australia's future. Some of our most serious global worries revolve around energy - controlling it, paying for it, and the consequences of burning it. As both one of the world’s biggest per capita users and exporters of fossil fuels, Australia is sure to be deeply affected by the radical changes coming down the energy pipeline. Self-confessed fuel junkie Dick Smith explores Australia's options as we enter the age of energy disruption.

1 Aug 2013

Non chemical ecological restoration‏

At 8am Wednesday 31 July, early birds arrived to help locals hand weed Success Hill Reserve. Jennifer Catalano was there to explain how chemical-free weeding should be a slow, steady and pleasant experience in the outdoors, working with nature and with no need for chemicals.

Jennifer Catalano and her Midland Frogs group has been successfully managing Blackadder Creek for more than 12 years without chemicals Local residents who were poisoned by the herbicide that was sprayed by the Town of Bassendean in the Reserve last year are working closely with the traditional owners to ensure that there is no more chemical spraying of the Reserve.

Read their message below and lend your support in any way, especially on Friday which promises to be a fine day for being in the outdoors and sharing a morning tea!

Hi all,
We had a great day today hand weeding the Success Hill Reserve which meant that no chemicals were sprayed!!! However, it is likely that council will try and spray tomorrow. Hopefully they will have got the message by now that we are going to keep going hand weeding so as to prevent the need for spraying. We even had people coming from other suburbs today to help out after hearing about it on the radio. It would be great if we could keep this momentum going, so if you have any time to spare tomorrow no matter how small, please consider coming down to support us. The more people that are roaming around at the reserve tomorrow - the better!
Even just showing your support for the Swan River Peoples to keep their sacred site free from poisons and the local community who have already been poisoned by previous years spraying, it would be greatly appreciated. If you do have time to help out, please bring a small hand shovel, a bucket, some mozzie repellent, hat, water and if you have council type work wear…I think its called safety wear…you know fluoro mining clothes…it would be good to wear these.
I will bring morning tea. Please like us on facebook…..just search Friends of Success Hill Reserve to find us!
Hope to see you!
Best regards
Jane Bremmer, Friends of Success Hill Reserve.

Festival of the trees

Join the Festival of the Trees on the 7th September 10am-2pm at Men of the Trees WA