31 Mar 2014

5 April - Vote for our environment!

This Saturday when Western Australia goes back to the polls, you have the opportunity to do Australia a favour and vote to stop the environmental destruction proposed by Tony Abbott.

More info on wilderness.org.au

27 Mar 2014

15.000 bottles and cans wasted every minute in Australia!

Do you think a 10 cent deposit will be the solution to reduce waste?

Industry is imposed to the legislation saying it's expensive, inconvenient and unnecessary. Watch this recent ABC news video why we still waste that many bottles and cans.

I think it's not only about litter reduction by the consumers but also about reducing the amount of packaging by the industry, they should find alternatives.
We've become a population of convenience, consuming packs of small bottles/cans instead of a big bottle and so increasing the amount of waste for a convenient sip.
When people keep on buying bottled water while filtered tap water is often better (and free!) then bottled water because they are too lazy to bring a refillable drink container we keep on adding to this big pile of waste.

Recycling for plastic packaging is not the answer, recycling is most of the time downcycling except for aluminium cans.

21 Mar 2014

Buy this, not that

A guide to earth friendly productsSimple purchasing choices that can make a big difference

How we live, and the choices we make with our money affect the planet, its climate and future generations.
In developed countries like Australia, women make a majority of purchasing decisions, and collectively have enormous economic power to make a difference by choosing ‘not’ to buy the things we don’t need, or to really consider purchasing decisions and make sure they’re the best choice for the planet. It really is that simple.
We know many people are already making better choices, but here is a quick rundown of what to buy and what not to buy. This week we are looking at Reusable Bags, Bottles & Cups

6 Mar 2014

Much at stake in Western Australian senate election

The April 5th election in Western Australia is the last opportunity to shape Australia's Parliament for the next 2½ years.
And tomorrow, Friday 7 March, is the deadline to enrol to vote! You can check if you are enrolled, or enrol online at http://www.aec.gov.au/enrol

The West Australian senate election will be staged again on April 5. There has never been anything like it in Australian political history and it is like having a senate byelection.

The result will be important for several reasons. Yet the emphasis on the recount, followed by several inquiries into the 1370 lost votes and then the Court of Disputed Returns, has distracted attention from what actually happened in this part of the federal election last September.