29 Mar 2013

St Luke's Eco Fair in Mosman Park - 4 May

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Join the Great River Ride and enjoy cycling, you even might stick to your bike and cycle to work like I do!
If you are one of those lycra clad guys, join the 3 or 5 dams challenge on the same day! More info here

15 Mar 2013


Why people not recognise the destruction we are doing to this earth?

It's looks very much like we don't want to see it! It's like what Annie Leonard from The story of stuff explains to us in her first video, we are only focused on the Golden arrow... everything around it, where the resources are taken from and how it is produced, is invisible and kept invisible from us as much as possible to protect the economy...

How did it turn into this? And how can we save at least enough resources to keep our lifestyles good and healthy for now and in the future?

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Bike week

The Cycle Instead Bikeweek has been a major annual event on Western Australia’s calendar for the past 30 years. Bikeweek 2013 will commence on Sunday, 17 March and ends on Sunday, 24 March.

The Department of Transport encourages everyone to participate in Bikeweek 2013 and take part in the many events and celebrations including the community rides, breakfasts, cycling skills and maintenance workshops occurring across metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

I cycle a minimum of 60km a week but often more and I enjoy it. I don't need to spend time and money on going to the gym, fuel for the car and I don't annoy myself on the busy traffic sitting in a car while sipping my takeaway coffee or having silly conversation on the mobile waiting for another traffic light to turn green.
No, I enjoy the birds singing and the nature around me. I enjoy the path around the river, although the headwinds were severe last Monday arvo...

4 Mar 2013

Australia ruled by big foreigh corporations

Coca-Cola wins Federal Court case, cash for containers recycling found illegal
COCA-Cola Amatil has won the right to dismantle a Northern Territory recycling scheme, but not before it got nasty and called in the cops.

Earlier today, Clean Up Australia chairman Ian Kiernan led a small group of environmental activists including Greenpeace CEO David Ritter and 'Total Environment Centre chief Jeff Angel in trying to dump 4,000 beverage containers at Coke's Sydney headquarters.

The containers had been collected on Clean Up Australia day on the weekend, and were a symbol of the litter which would accumulate if Coke overturned the NT recycling scheme.

Coke didn't think much of the reminder, calling in eight members of the NSW police to block the small band of high-profile protesters

"We were trying to say to Coke ‘here are 4000 of your containers collected on Clean Up Australia day'," Jeff Angel told news.com.au.
"Coke's opposition to a container deposit scheme allows this littering to continue."

Police had other ideas, threatening to arrest the group for... wait for it... littering if they left the beverage containers at Coke's North Sydney headquarters.
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I suggest we ban all coca cola products, don't buy any of them!
Read the open letter to the managing director