11 May 2012

Trolleys, tyres, chairs and crates pulled from river

PEOPLE continue to dump items such as couches, shopping trolleys, tyres, crates and plastic bags in the Swan and Canning rivers. And Environment Minister Bill Marmion is not amused.

Mr Marmion said 14 tonnes of rubbish was retrieved from the Riverpark by Swan River Trust officers last financial year and a similar amount was accruing this year.

“That’s on top of the rubbish picked up by councils and community groups and it has to stop,” he said.

“We’re pulling everything from couches and fridges to safes, tyres and shopping trolleys out of the river.

“Equally disturbing is the amount of plastic bags, bait boxes and discarded fishing line dropped by people who are using the river for fishing.

"Their actions can have potentially devastating impacts on the river wildlife, including dolphins.”

Some of the larger items retrieved by the Trust last year included 48 shopping trolleys, 46 tyres, 51 chairs and 20 pallets or crates.
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A few weeks back I was having my lunch at the river, the part between the Causeway bridge and Bursewood, when I was amazed to see all the plastic litter poking out on the edge, rusted metal, old cans and layers of plastic. Perth is build on a rubbish heap.... I didn't know that.... made some pictures

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