19 Jun 2012

Wind energy myths debunked

Wind Reality 1: Wind power is cheap and saving Australian consumers money

Wind Reality 2: Free wind for 20-25 years offsets initial capital costs

Wind Reality 3: Wind farms generate electricity 75%-85% of the time

Wind Reality 4: Wind subsidies level a playing field that’s been tilted for decades

Wind Reality 5: Wind power keeps getting more efficient and effective

Wind Reality 6: Wind turbines consume very little electricity from the grid

Wind Reality 7: Wind energy needs about 4% grid backup in penetrations up to 20% of generation, and that can come from hydro or other regions

Wind Reality 8: Wind turbines don’t make people sick

Wind Reality 9: A small subset of people very near to wind turbines find the noise annoying

Wind Reality 10: There are hundreds of research papers showing no health impacts from wind turbines

Wind Reality 11: Governments are studying wind turbine health impacts

Wind Reality 12: Wind farms make property prices go up or have no impact

Wind Reality 13: People who support wind farms have science on their side

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