17 Sep 2012

Festival in full bloom

A celebration of all that blossoms in spring will kick off in the Great Southern at the weekend, showcasing the beauty of the region.

The five-week festival (until 24 October) will feature 65 events ranging from wildflower walks and open gardens to long-table lunches, art displays and heritage tours.

The festival will have a focus on agriculture, celebrating the Year of the Farmer by promoting the work of some of the region's most innovative farming families.

Kojonup farmers Rob and Jen Egerton-Warburton, among the "Bloomin' Farmers" featured this year, will try a novel approach to pest control in their canola crop.

"We decided to plant everlastings around our canola crop as a natural means of pest control," Mr Egerton-Warburton said. "Aphids are the main pests that get in - by planting the native wildflowers around the crop, we encourage native bugs and they in turn prey on the aphids."
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