7 Nov 2012

What are free range eggs???

Living in one of the last westernised countries where cage eggs are still on the menu for lots of people  (only 40% buys free range and an even smaller amount goes for organic) I am happy to have my own chickens.

And now I am reading again about this dilemma from the Free range industry who wants to increase numbers of chickens in a small space while they are already up to 13 times higher as the proposed number of chickens per M2 because there is no proper standard in Australia!

"While there is no legally enforceable definition of free range, the current free-range egg industry code limits free-range egg producers to 1500 hens per hectare. Under its proposed trade mark, the Australian Egg Corporation proposed increasing that limit to 20,000 hens per hectare".

Producers, consumers cry foul in egg fight

So I was happy to read that they are going to vote against it: Free-range egg definition change rejected
But more happy I am with my four chooks who are supplying us with an abundance of eggs and besides that eat all our scraps and deliver manure for the garden. I can't think of a better system!
More chicken news:
With eggs, some chooks are freer than others
Update: 2 January 2013 Chicken numbers to be cut 

SWAN Valley Egg Farm has lost its appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal to keep its egg producing operation.

WA’s biggest free-range egg producer has one year to reduce chicken numbers at the Bennett Springs farm from 80,000 to 24,000.

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  1. I used to have my own chooks.. miss them! And the copious omelets I'd have every week.. mmmm