21 Jan 2013

Promote cycling in Australia

A few photos of friends and family cycling in my home country The Netherlands where the average person has 3 bikes at home and uses de bicycle daily for commuting to work, school or doing grocery shipping. Most bikes are fit out with a decent frame on the back often with bicycle bags and some have racks on the front.

When you have kids there are various accessories to hook on your bike to transport them. And best of all, there is no helmet law!

Lots of bicycles are motorised now, not only for the elderly but also for the young crowd.
A class mate of mine, Leon, started Spiked Cycles which recently won the innovator award. He designs and manufacturers cool bicycles with a bit of spike; electric power.
You would think it's pretty easy cycling in the low lands because it's all flat, but there is a lot of wind, hence the windmills... so the electric motor comes in handy.

Would love to see his bicycles here in Australia do concur the hills!

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