9 Sep 2013

Subiaco Active Commuter Challenge

Be rewarded for cycling, walking or using public transport by entering the Subiaco Active Commuter Challenge. Go in the draw to win a $50 voucher each month by making four active transport trips per month.

You will get a travel diary to log your trips, and the diary also calculates number of chocolate biscuits burned each time you use active transport.

·         Go in the draw to win a $50 voucher every month until December 31.
·         Commute Buddies – extra prize draw for getting a driving friend to enter the challenge - you can win a $50 voucher for both you and your friend.
·         Spot prizes for the highest number of active trips per month.

Why active transport?
People are more likely to exercise if they make it a regular part of their day. By combining transport and exercise, you no longer have to ‘make time’ to exercise:

Ø  Walking 1km to the bus every day burns 2,160 kJ per week, or 6.3 chocolate biscuits.
Ø  Cycling 3km to the train station burns 3,720 kJ per week, or 10.8 chocolate biscuits.

For timetables, public transport maps and cycling maps, visit the Challenge website.

Enter the Challenge
To enter the Challenge, you should visit, live, work or study in the City of Subiaco.

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