10 Nov 2013


28th November at 6 pm,
Joske Room, 8th Floor, G Block, QE II Medical Centre,
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, WA.

Did you know that most of the food people now eat is grown with a wide range of toxic farm chemicals? Much of our farmland is repeatedly sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

GM food like soy and corn has a poison genetically engineered into it which is now showing up in human blood. Other GM crops are repeatedly over-sprayed with chemicals.

A recent study shows that the common farm herbicide glyphosate is showing up in the urine of nearly
half of city dwellers across Europe. Our suburbs and cities are being sprayed with poisons to manage grasses, verges, parks, kindergarten play areas and sporting ovals, sometimes at the same time people are using these facilities.

The land and people are facing an avalanche of poisons, and the small amounts are adding up, raising increasing connections with allergies, food sensitivity, cancer and other common problems.

Isn't it time you started finding out how your food is grown and what poisons are being used around you, so you can take action to stop the poisons to protect the health of your family and the future of the Earth?

The evening will include:-
Music by multi award winning international singer songwriter Kelly Newton-Wordsworth
Presentations on farming and how your food is grown by William and Kelly Newton-Wordsworth, 25 years bio-dynamic (organic) farmers and winners of the 2012 Sustainability Award for WA.
Presentations by Alex Jones of Pesticides Action Group WA on urban and home pesticide use, and Jane Bremmer of the Alliance for a Clean Environment.

RSVP please to William Newton-Wordsworth, william@williamsriverproduce.com.au or 08 98851181

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