6 Dec 2013

Give love, not crap

Give your time, take your kids out more often. 

Give them gift cards for a day in the bush, involve them in making their own picnic treats and take them to the river, beach, park for a fun day. Create a gift card for the movies, one for baking that huge cake together, for that sports game or a concert. A gift card for the zoo, or AQUA, the aquarium, one for a cycle trip around the river and stop for a picnic or a huge milkshake. One for a play or a classic concert at the theater.

Not only nice for your kids, but also for your friends and family. It doesn't have to be something made of plastic which you've spend a very long time on finding and they will put away with all the rest of their material possessions in the cupboard... Give something what gives you both a heap of fun, give love!

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