27 Mar 2014

15.000 bottles and cans wasted every minute in Australia!

Do you think a 10 cent deposit will be the solution to reduce waste?

Industry is imposed to the legislation saying it's expensive, inconvenient and unnecessary. Watch this recent ABC news video why we still waste that many bottles and cans.

I think it's not only about litter reduction by the consumers but also about reducing the amount of packaging by the industry, they should find alternatives.
We've become a population of convenience, consuming packs of small bottles/cans instead of a big bottle and so increasing the amount of waste for a convenient sip.
When people keep on buying bottled water while filtered tap water is often better (and free!) then bottled water because they are too lazy to bring a refillable drink container we keep on adding to this big pile of waste.

Recycling for plastic packaging is not the answer, recycling is most of the time downcycling except for aluminium cans.

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