15 Jun 2014

Are you ready for this year's

Sick of chucking out so much waste? Want to minimise your ecological footprint? 

Refuse all single use plastic packaging this July.
You will discover it isn't easy so you might like to start with the obvious few like plastic shopping bags, take away cups (No, those eco ones are not compostable as they are plastic lined, and that starch based plastic is only compostable in an industrial environment), plastic water and soda bottles and plastic drink straws. You will find that will already go a fair way!

If more motivated or already joined last year you  might like to dig a bit deeper, find alternatives for plastic packaging in the supermarket,  for take away food, doggy poo bags, bin liners, diapers, menstrual pads etc.

Be innovative, creative and join us in July to make a statement. It might even change your habits for much longer!
Sign up at www.plasticfreejuly.org

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