21 Dec 2014

Rubbish volumes in Australia rise by 30%.

The average Australian is buying 16 gifts during this time and spending around $475 in the process. Most of the items we buy will be packed in unnecessary amounts of plastic, cardboard and foam, held in place with plastic or metal ties.

Over-consumption and waste in our throwaway society are placing an intolerable strain on the planet’s natural resources. Over 4 trillion kilograms of waste is sent to landfill each year in Australia, with climate change a devastating symptom of the problem. It’s not just Australians; Americans throw away 25% more rubbish during the festive season.

If we reduced our holiday landfill by just 1 kilogram per person, we can make a real difference. Imagine if a million people did that, we could save approximately 10 billion litres of water waste (that’s 4000 Olympic swimming pools), prevent 8 million kgs of carbon dioxide pollution (growing a forest of approx. 45,000 trees) … and we would collectively save millions of dollars!

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