28 Jan 2015

Yellow / White pages wasteful dump

Even though I've opted out to receive those big books years ago I still get them delivered every year. I haven't used them since the internet has a search engine and I guess most of the people who are computer savvy are with me.

But today I got angry again, someone had propped up a yellow pages book in my letterbox. Why??? Who is dumping this wasteful product in everyones home? Haven't they got the list that I have opted out years ago? And again last year?
Apperently not.

Where can I go to complain? Can I sue them for dumping valuable resources on my property, unasked for?
And who is still advertising in this kind of media??? Aimed at a dying breed. It is probably totally covered by the injury lawyers advertisement on the back, let's use them to sue the ones responsible for this littering.

Guess who that is? The Australian Government!
Claiming on page 2 that they are committed to minimising the environmental impact of their products...

Want to try to opt out, sign up here, wish you good luck.

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