23 Apr 2015

A think tank created by the "sceptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg

The government will provide $4 million over four years to bring Dr Lomborg's Copenhagen Consensus Centre methodology to Australia at a new centre within the University of Western Australia (UWA) business school.
In an email to supporters of the Climate Council on Friday, former Australian of the Year Tim Flannery said it was "extraordinary" that the government had abolished the Climate Commission "which was composed of Australia's best climate scientists, economists and energy experts" on the basis of lack of funding only to find the money to "import a politically-motivated think tank to work in the same space."
"Mr Lomborg's views have no credibility in the scientific community," Professor Flannery wrote. 
"His message hasn't varied at all in the last decade and he still believes we shouldn't take any steps to mitigate climate change. When someone is unwilling to adapt their view on the basis of new science or information, it's usually a sign those views are politically motivated."Read article

Abbott government gives $4m to help climate contrarian set up Australian centre
The Abbott government found $4m for the climate contrarian Bjørn Lomborg to establish his “consensus centre” at an Australian university, even as it struggled to impose deep spending cuts on the higher education sector.

As Lomborg explained 
in a Freakonomics podcast last year, his consensus centre was defunded by the centre-left Danish government in 2012 and he was searching for a long-term funding solution. In the meantime his centre had moved to the US and was relying on private donations for a budget of about US$1m a year.

Labor’s environment spokesman, Mark Butler, said Abbott was “using scarce public funds to help legitimise his climate scepticism”.

“Tony Abbott has deputised one of the world’s most well-known renewable energy sceptics to continue his climate change denial and attacks on renewable energy,” Butler said on Friday.

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