9 Jun 2015

The Sea & Me

Last week we went to the screening of this documentary at the Cottesloe surf club and I can really recommend to watch it. We've sent letters to the government and to our local member, if you are concerned about our oceans and sanctuaries, please see info below. 

The Sea & Me, a new film documenting the extraordinary seas surrounding Australia and the inspiring people who look after it, has been touring the nation’s coastal communities.

WA’s Kimberley is at the heart of the last pristine tropical coastline left on Earth. In the coming months we expect the WA Government to officially ask for input on plans for new marine parks for this coast, and it will be essential that they get a strong message that the community supports a network of sanctuary zones within the Great Kimberley Marine Park that will make this pristine area Australia’s best marine park – the protection we know our Kimberley Coast needs and deserves.  We’ll be in touch on this soon with more details but in the meantime, you can send a quick letter here http://www.likenowhereelse.org.au/sign-the-letter/

On a national level, as you are aware, the Abbott Government has suspended our national network of sanctuaries, and ALL are at risk of being cut back or completely erased. Please take a moment to write to your local minister Julie Bishop at www.saveourmarinelife.org.au/review asking her to show leadership to save our sanctuaries.

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