17 Jul 2015

Carbon tax repeal "savings"

I wonder how many people actually checked what they saved in electricity bills after the Carbon Tax Repeal?

I was doing my quarterly clean up on paperwork and came across the yellow card Synergy sent out with one of their bills. It stated that I could receive back between $46 to $122 (our average is about 10-11 units)

So I looked it up, couldn't find it until I saw this on one from October; got a meagre $5.40 back!
That was really worth that whole Carbon Tax Repeal, isn't it???
I hope those people who didn't want the big polluters to pay are very satisfied with their 5 dollars back!
PS. There is no info available about the Carbon Tax Repeal savings on the Synergy website, the few things referring to it don't work. 


  1. I knew it's a scam from day one.

  2. Of course, it's the Abbott government who is only keen on donating to the rich...