14 Aug 2015

The importance of the colour of meat trays in your supermarket.

Last week I read a message on someones Facebook page about founding out that the transperant meat trays at Woolworths being at least 5 days old and coming from Sydney to Perth, gassed for a longer shelf life. While the meat in black trays (except for those with bright marketing labels) is from the instore butcher and is only on the shelf for two days.

So I checked that this morning at our local Coles with the instore butcher while buying the fresh chicken (they only have a few fresh items left) and he confirmed this story. The gassed meat in the transperant trays comes from the Coles meat centre and are all gassed for longer shelf life. Hence the long distances they can  make.

And even the smaller supermarkets like Farmer Jacks are selling the high pressure gas packaging for their meats.
And while on the topic; There is no such thing as "No added hormones"! This is just marketing gibberich. Of course they don't add hormones to the meat while processing it, they add all kind of other stuff but your focus on the package is on the hormones; distraction!
While the animals used for this meat might be full of hormones before they started processing them, that's not told here, but you believe there are no hormones used at all.... Marketing can fool a lot of smart people into assuming.... 

So the lesson learned today: If you want to buy prepacked meat, buy the ones which are packed in store; the black trays without the fancy labels. Better, limit your meat intake and that what you buy, get high quality from the butcher. Even better, make sure the animals used for your meat had a decent life. Or become a vegetarian. 

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