3 Dec 2015

Nine in 10 trees planted by Perth councils will never mature

Reading this article I am not surprised at all. We have a huge Moreton bay fig tree in front of our house, it's the biggest tree in the street I reckon, and it delivers heaps of good mulch when dropping it's figs once or twice a year. Opposite are peppermint gums, planted a few years back, and in the front you see the matured peppermints who are there for many years, pruned to fit under the power lines.
But the miniscule tiny tree (in the red circle) is planted a year ago and is dwarfed by the huge fig, I wonder if it ever will get a decent size. It replaced a tiny tree planted a few years ago which was knocked down by a car.

They've been (and still are) cutting down big mature trees by the dozen in our area to make space for more buildings and concrete car parks. Replacing them with tiny spindly trees.
And now I read this:

More than 90 per cent of trees planted by Perth councils trying to cool hot suburbs will die before maturing, according to a leading WA arborist.
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