9 Jun 2007

Energy smart homes WA

Energy plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We use it for many purposes including keeping warm in winter and cool in summer, providing light to our homes, refrigerating and cooking our food and heating our water. As beneficial as energy is to our lives, its use can have undesirable effects on the environment. Just about every time we switch on the light or turn on an appliance, we're contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. On average each Western Australian household produces around 6 tonnes of greenhouse gases every year (excluding energy used for personal vehicles and public transport). It is important that we all realise the implications of our energy use. Not only can it have an adverse effect on the environment - it also costs us money. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to reduce energy use at home, most of which simply require a change in behaviour. Some others require a modest investment but will pay for themselves through lower energy bills. So before you buy it, install it, turn it on or plug it in, take a look at the Sustainable Energy Development Office's Energy Smart information provided in this site. Reducing energy consumption is one way to a sustainable energy future, another involves the uptake of renewable energy. All households and community organisations connected to Western Power's South West electricity grid have access to Green Power. There is also Government financial assistance available to assist you install a renewable energy power system or solar hot water system.

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