19 Jun 2007

Zelfo Australia

Zelfo is a new material, a 100% biodegradable plastic made from plants or paper waste. I got in contact with the Zelfo team about a year ago when they were still in the process of setting up the business in NSW. By December they got that far to give workshops to interested designers and manufacturers about the possibilities of this new material. And that's when I traveled to the other end of Australia and met Paul and Martin. I designed a few articles for Zelfo's own collection; a vase and a stool. And I had some ideas of my own which I am working on. Unfortunately on the moment all energy is going into the production of musical instruments such as the didgeridoos but it won't be long before the prototypes of the vase and stool will be ready and I am looking forward to that.

Contact Zelfo Australia for more information about Zelfo, the biodegradable plastic.

Update 2009: Zelfo Australia is now Zeoform International

Update 29/6/09: I've received this email from Germany:

Hello Wilma,

Reference your various web postings about Zelfo material. Omodo is the patent owner of the Zelfo process, known and promoted by us as Zelfo. We currently work with various industry partners to develop new products and processes. Perhaps you would like to visit our website to review our offer? If we can be of help to you please get in contact. Meanwhile I would appreciate if you would change the various blog/website references to reflect our continued presence in the market.

All the best from Happy Go Lucky Germany


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