27 Jul 2007

Design Competition

If a truly biophilic society created a city, what would this city look like? Would nature and our urban environments be one and every roof be green? Would buildings be built like trees and information flow through this living fabric without resistance? If our infrastructure were deeply biomimetic, how would we get our water, our energy, our food, our heat? Can built environments create habitats for lifeforms who need it? Can buildings be net positives to the grid, cities be organic food exporters, and architecture become not just carbon neutral but carbon negative? What would it feel like to live in this green city of tomorrow? What would most capture its slices of life? What are the true limits of how green our cities can be?

Submit your single page sketch of a slice of life in the green city of tomorrow from:

September 1 - December 1, 2007

The purpose of the Califia Sketchbook Design Competition is to express to a wide variety of people what life will be like in Califia, a proposed next generation eco-city in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA. People from around the world are invited to enter a conceptual sketch revealing smarter greener ways of building, powering, maintaining, and inhabiting the urban fabric.

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