23 Mar 2012

WA goverment blocks plastic bag ban

The State Government has knocked back a bid to outlaw single-use plastic shopping bags.

The Government yesterday used its numbers in the Upper House to defeat a Labor Bill which proposed to ban non-biodegradable, lightweight plastic bags commonly found in supermarkets.

Shadow environment minister Sally Talbot said there was strong public support for a ban on plastic shopping bags and it was disappointing Liberal and Nationals MPs had not supported her Private Member's Bill.

"The Bill had a transition time so people could get used to the idea and there were various penalties for retailers who didn't comply with the new law. It was a very straightforward Bill, it wasn't particularly costly or complicated and it's a scheme that's worked well in other parts of the world," she said.
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I must say I am not surprised... unfortunately, as when I go to the supermarket still the majority of shoppers is loading up the trolley with plastic bags filled with only a few items per bag. And if that's the same kind of people we have in government it will take a long time to get any improvement in trashing this beautiful part of the world... they should be ashamed of themselves!

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