17 Oct 2012

Ride2work day

I am just home from Ride2Work day. I participated as a volunteer in the big breakfast in the city where lots of local suppliers donated their goodies. I was in charge of the yummy Mundella Greek yoghurt with passion fruit and Harvey milk. But there were Carnarvan bananas, local apples and pears, juices, cerial, buns, etc. Nobody went home on an empty stomach!

I always ride to work, one or two days a week this is 34km return and two days a week it's a 22km return (I teach at two different locations) which adds up the total kilometers nicely. I participate in the Cycle instead spring Bike to Work challenge and in the past four weeks I did more than 600km!

There is a discussion on The Conversation about riding to work Governments should get behind bikes, and not just one day a year which is interesting as coming from Holland I am used to lots of bicycles on the road, especially in peak hour. Here it's only the happy few in lycra and the compulsory helmet. I wouldn't mind if we get a more relaxter mentality here in WA about bicycles on the road!
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