15 Oct 2012

The Power of We

When I started this blog in May 2007 it was because I was asked to be the liaison for the global network o2, a network for sustainable designers, in Western Australia. The first thing I had to organise was the Perth Green Drinks, which was a bit of a task as being reasonably fresh migrants to Australia our network wasn't that big yet.

So I started this blog, gathering all kind of interesting, mainly local, news on environmental topics while in the mean time making plans on how to organise the first gathering for Green Drinks in Perth. I used this blog to gather ideas from readers by creating polls.

Green Drinks is a global network for anyone who is interested in sustainability and the environment, most people from NGOs, academia, government and business. When I started in 2007 there were about 230 cities active in the mean time, five years later, there are about 680 cities who have regular (in Perth it's bi-montly)  Green Drinks.

Over the years we've had visitors from other countries checking out our Perth Green Drinks and I have visited Green Drinks in Sydney. I started at the same time as Olivia in Singapore and if I look back on what we've achieved this is wonderful! Five years later Perth and Singapore Green Drinks are vibrant networks who bring people from different disciplines together to get even better ideas.

So my message for the Power of We is that whoever you are and whatever your background, you can achieve something big by just doing it! Don't be afraid to just start something totally new to interact with other people to become stronger and get a good platform to work from!
So where are you waiting for?

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