24 Oct 2013

Fires continue to ravage NSW as the world's top scientists, and Australia's frontline firefighters,[1] say the link between extreme weather and climate change has never been clearer. Yet at the same time, our leaders march blindly on, determined to undo everything we've fought for. 

Why? They want our permission to turn their back on the greatest challenge of our time. 

Are we going to give it to them? Hell no. 

We have a plan. It starts with huge mobilisations. It starts in Perth – but we need your help. 

On November 17, people all around the country are stepping up to host and attend the largest, most diverse National Day of Climate Action our country has ever seen. Are you in? 

What: National Day of Climate Action 
When: 11am Sunday 17 November 
Where: Russell Square, Parker Street, Northbridge, WA 

It's never been more urgent to hit the streets and show our leaders – visually and audibly – that Australians won't stand for going backwards on climate action. 

We're talking about a climate events in every major city. We're talking about rallies in hundreds of rural towns and local communities around the nation. Grandparents, young people, firefighters, lawyers, bankers and teachers – standing side by side, wearing orange and red, holding our leaders to account on climate action. 

It will be massive. Colourful. Loud. Unignorable... and of course, a lot of fun. The stage has been set, and it's time for us to step up. Will you make history with us? 

Find out more and RSVP now: www.getup.org.au/perth 

[1] What firefighters say about climate change, The Conversation, 23 October 2013

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