11 Oct 2013

The Garage Sale Trail

Are you participating on 26 October? 

Garage Sale Trail is a fun day.  It’s a day about communityand it provides a great opportunity to fund raise
For the Waste Authority, it’s also about sustainability.  It’s about selling or giving away items to someone who needs them instead of throwing them away.
Nine out of ten Western Australian residents and businesses surveyed earlier this year reported being concerned about the amount of waste the State produces.
That’s one reason why the Waste Authority – the State Government agency working towards moving WA to a low waste society – is supporting the Garage Sale Trail.
So often good quality items go out for verge collection and get wet or wrecked and end up in landfill when someone else could have used them.  That’s costly for us as ratepayers and it’s costly for the environment.
Let’s make October 26th the biggest and best day of garage sales in WA.
Encourage your friends and relatives, your children’s school and sporting clubs to get involved.  If they don’t want to hold their own sale, they could join yours or donate their unwanted items to another group holding a sale.
After all, Western Australia is too good to waste.

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