10 Jan 2014

Indefinite GMO ban for Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government has imposed an indefinite moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops in the state.
The current moratorium expires in November and a review of the moratorium was carried out by the government late last year.
Primary Industries Minister Bryan Green says the indefinite moratorium was needed to maintain the integrity of Tasmania's brand and maximise future marketing opportunities.
"The decision is to come down on the side of the moratorium, indefinitely, with various trigger points to allow for proper discussion as to any changes to genetically modified opportunities that might benefit Tasmania beyond what we believe the benefit is now," he said.
"Large chinks of the community are really concerned about their food, and I expect that in the future our GM free status will play a far greater role in our ability to market ourselves."
Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim says the government should go one step further and implement a permanent ban on GM crops.


  1. Maybe the results of the study for GMO's didn't yield nice reports.

  2. I hope it's because they realise GMO is not what smart healthy people want.