28 Jan 2014

Saturday 1 February - Save the sharks

Let's have our voices heard in order to put more pressure on Barnett's catch-and-kill shark initiative! Surfers can protest on the top of the water, scuba divers underneath and others from the shore! Sign up on Facebook

Blue and White theme!

Band From the Dunes is playing 

Speakers to date are:
Sam Carmody - Surfer and Musician
Jeff Hansen - Director of Sea Shepherd Australia
Hon. Lynn MacLaren - Greens MLC
Christine Milne - Greens Party Leader
Dave Kelly - Shadow Minister for Labor
Katrina Love - WA Convenor & Lead Candidate, Animal Justice Party
Ross Weir - West Australians for Shark Conservation- WASC
Hugh Edwards - Journalist and Author
Tim Nicol - Vice President of Conservation Council of Western Australia

Link to diving protest as part of this event: https://www.facebook.com/events/657924217586658/
Link to #noWAsharkcull store: http://nowasharkcull.shirtee.net.au/

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