23 Apr 2014

Earth day... yesterday

 Poster for the first Earth Day in 1970 by Walt Kelly.

Yesterday was Earth Day and we in Australia didn't hear about it until it was mentioned on social media today, the day after. We know that this right wing government is pulling the strings of mass media and find it more important to keep the people occupied with uninteresting 'news' to hide the real important things happening.

And one of those real things is that they want to hide everything what has to do with keeping this earth a better place, as for them it only counts to get the dollars rolling by digging everything up and out as soon as possible . No matter the damage done is irreversible.

Hence to keep the people quiet and accepting, overpower them with crap media and quieten by keeping them in the dark.They even go as far to announce that there is an over supply of renewable energy and that it is hurting the economy! So please, no talk about solar panels and wind energy...

We have a government who wants us to trash the place, as waste is money!

There’s reason to be optimistic this Earth Day

One of the environmental movement's main strategies has always been to directly protect and restore important places. That might mean rebuilding an oyster reef, replanting a forest or restoring a grassland. This work is critical.

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