8 May 2014

Perth Green Drinks 14 May

While in nature materials are endlessly used in different cycles, human economies operate in a linear fashion. We are able to make glass from sand or plastic from oil, but not the other way around. The result is waste. There are estimates that the world produces more than 2.5 trillion pounds of garbage every year  materials that won’t disappear easily. 
To discuss our waste situation in WA, learn how to generate less and imagine a world without waste, please join our panel:
Adam Johnson is founder of Garbologie, an entrepreneurial business disrupting waste management to create a world without waste. It does that by developing a network of niche businesses to extract valuable materials from waste. Currently, Garbologie operates a mattress recycling business and a Tip/Shop. Adam previously held senior management roles in local government in Perth, and worked as a consultant and a regulator in Sydney and Melbourne. 
Rebecca Prince-Ruiz is an educator with the award winning Earth Carers program. A visit to a recycling facility was an overwhelming experience which transformed her idea that putting recycling into a yellow-lidded bin is a virtuous environmental action. Her question became: "How did I come to having this item in the first place?". Focusing on the "reduce" message, she was involved in starting the Plastic Free July challenge  a personal undertaking that in 3 years has grown into a global movement with over 4,000 participants.
Jenny Campbell is a founding director of Encycle Consulting and has been involved in the environmental and waste management fields in both public and private sectors since the year 2000. With a wealth of experience in developing and implementing waste management plans in industry sectors such as hospitality, manufacturing, construction and mining, Jenny was the recepient of the National Australian Women in Construction WA Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Award earlier this year.
Bring a friend, questions for our panelists, enjoy a beer and lots of networking! 

Looking forward to seeing you there! Register here
25 Aberdeen St is in walking distance from Perth train station and near several bus routes and the Blue Cat. Street parking is available and there are Perth Council carparks nearby. 
As always, a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors Central Institute of Technology andLittle Creatures Brewing.

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