7 Feb 2012

echnological Outlook for Energy in WA - Industry Forum 13 February

Western Australia's Department of Commerce supports industry, science and innovation in various ways, including by disseminating current information that many local enterprises find useful or otherwise difficult to gather.

They are aware that recent increases in the cost of energy and future emissions are impacting on the cost of business. This impact is potentially very significant in WA as an energy intensive economy. In order to limit the impact, innovative technological developments are being explored and, where feasible, gradually adopted both in the local generation of energy with lower emissions and in more efficient uses of energy.

To assist us in becoming more aware of relevant technological developments, in collaboration with CSIRO's Energy Transformed Flagship, Western Power, Alcoa World Alumina, Office of Energy and EMC Engineering, they have assembled the relevant expertise to contribute current knowledge in an Industry Forum on the technological outlook for energy in WA.

There is no charge for attending, free parking is available and your participation is highly encouraged.

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