2 Feb 2012

Police raid finds dogs and goats for 'human consumption'

A ROCKBANK property housing animals, including dogs and goats suspected of being illegally slaughtered and sold for human consumption, was raided yesterday.

The raid was organised after police received a statement from a witness who reported seeing a dog being butchered and a blowtorch used to remove its hair before the carcass was hung on a hook.

It was also alleged a man who lives on the property sold dog meat to about 100 customers for between $100 and $350.

The witness said the dogs were found through public notices that advertised the animals as free to a good home.
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I am always very sad when I read the free dogs and cats adds on Gumtree, looking for a good home... So many of them!

Why are they still breeding so many pets when there are so many euthanised in shelters or like here, butchered for meat???

So many people think they can 'take' a pet not knowing it involves 100% commitment to that animal while they know they can't give it that so the poor thing ends up in a free add and with a lot of luck with a good person. But mostly those sad animals end up for worse.

I am not a person for regulations but I think it would be very wise, and also more sustainable, if people who want to have pets have to first do a training course, like getting your drivers licence.

What do you think?

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  1. It makes my feel ill to think about this going on. Those poor animals.
    Training courses should be a must.
    I don't understand why some people don't get their pets sterilised. They let them breed and then give the litter away.