30 Jul 2012

Big Help Mob

Hello ,
Are you ready to help launch a new generation Big Help Mob into the world by building an entire wetland (from scratch) on Saturday 18th August? There will be sweating, planting, potential mud-fights and more!

It’s going to be epic! Sign up here
Loads of Captains are needed to rope in some mates and make this wetland come to life, while celebrating the launch of a new era of Big Help Mob with gusto.

'Kuhl Intentions' will be no ordinary Big Help Mission. You may have been hearing rumours lately that the second generation of Big Help Mob will include a shiny new website and iPhone app, and that if you sign up as a Captain you get a free unicorn. We can neither confirm or deny rumours about unicorns, but we can definitely confirm that there will be a new website and iPhone app introduced at ‘Kuhl Intentions'.

So grab as many superhero friends as you can and get ready to see what a big difference you can make at Big Help Mob For more events check out the Facebook site

See you Saturday 18th August,

Megan, Tim, Basha, Kristen and the rest of the Big Help Mob Mafia.

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