29 Jul 2012

Plastic Free July comes to an end

This is the second year I am participating in the Plastic Free July challenge, both times only for two weeks as I was on holiday the first two weeks of the month.

It's a real challenge as when you are trying to avoid buying anything packed in plastic at the local supermarket you realise about EVERYTHING is packed in plastic!

Since I did the challenge last year I'd already had changed a lot of my habits like taking my homemade bags to put veggies, fruit and nuts in instead of using the plastic bags provided at the supermarket. And since about five years I use shampoo and deodorant bars instead of the stuff what comes in plastic bottles and my husband uses a bar of shaving soap and changed his plastic razor for a metal one which only uses metal blades.

There are a lot more habits like buying in bulk and making my own. But it's not enough as I still have stuff in my 'dilemma bag' like the plastic sheets in between the puff pastry, and the plastic container of our favorite sheep cheese which I reuse so it's not too bad I guess.

I haven't bought any candy as most of it is wrapped in plastic, luckily chocolate bars aren't! And I was lucky that I always buy in bulk and when on sales so the pantry was pretty full so I didn't need to go to the supermarket that often. It made me use the stuff in the pantry a bit more.

Thursday 2 August those who did the challenge are coming together in Subiaco to listen to a talk by Paul Sharp, founder of the Two Hand's Project who sailed in a historic scientific research expedition in July. The Japanese tsunami provided a unique opportunity to study a large amount of plastic entering the ocean - Paul is a fascinating and knowledgeable speaker so don't miss out! After the talk there will be an officially closure of 'Plastic Free July'.

All welcome to this free community event.

When: 7pm Thursday 2 August
Where: Perth Modern School, Roberts Rd Subiaco (parking available on basketball courts on Subiaco Rd)
RSVP: Phone 9384 4003 or rsvp@wmrc.wa.gov.au
BYO: mug for a cuppa, light supper provided

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