17 Jul 2012

No this isn’t Brazil. This is Perth WA

This is Bayswater, Perth, WA (crn Tonkin Hwy and Collier Road) and this is your urban forest

To give you a sense of scale (as photos often don’t) these are huge big trees. I was staggered by the size of this operation. The pile of giant carcasses in the centre photo is to be burnt and made into silicone. Each hill is different product. You can see by the number of trees that are visible, that this is not all just green verge collection waste. The mountain on the right with the excavator was recently a bush in Malaga. Then to appreciate the scale of this industry, consider that this private “recycling” operation is “tiny” compared to others in Perth, according to the bulldozer driver pictured here. Apparently “the one in Joondalup is massive”, I was told by a local government worker recently. The owner of this “recycling” business also operates a big tree lopping/clearing firm and a wholesale/retail mulch company as well. I have reason to suspect this industry does not have the capacity or the market to process all of the material that is being ripped out across our suburbs and quite a bit is going to landfill (TBC)? One can’t help but wonder what the long term plans are for this completely unregulated industry by its big players? Will a lack of regulations actually be to their disadvantage in the not too distant future?


Memorial Service Sunday 22 July 3pm

If you haven't as yet seen the devastation at the Perth Esplanade Reserve, please join Save our Trees on Sunday afternoon at 3pm for a Memorial Service for the trees by Celebrant, Joyce Tasma at the corner of The Esplanade and William St.

This is a regular event for Sundays at 3pm in July.

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