12 Feb 2013

A MUST SEE: State of Siege

Some of Perth's residents recently had the privilege of viewing the new documentary "State of Seige " by Dennis Grosvenor last weekend but all Western Australians have the right to see the extraordinary parallel between WA and NSW but apparently the documentary is too hot for mainstream media.

WA citizens have a right to know what is apparently being hidden from us.
"State Of Siege tracks the modern conflict between development and urban conservation. Steeped in a culture of political donations and driven by the interests of powerful lobbyists, modern politics has put the basic tenets of democratic rights under threat."

For all of us in WA who have watched in horror the litany of destruction of our built and natural heritage, our parks, reserves, remnant bushland and many thousands of wonderful trees, this documentary only confirms our suspicions and raises a number of important questions.

Channel 44 - WTV is showing this documentary on TV this Saturday, 16 February, at 9pm


UPDATE:If you missed it, here a great review on this documentary.

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