14 Feb 2013

ENERGY 2029 launch

It was great to see so many people yesterday on the Energy 2029 launch by The Greens and listen to the talks about energy.

And then read today about the Investec plans 50MW solar PV plant near Kalgoorlie.
Global banking and asset management group Investec is working on a proposal to build a 50MW solar PV power plant near Kalgoorlie, in what is likely to be the first solar plant of its size in Australia.

Investec is hopeful of sealing land tenure at Mungari, about 26kms from Kalgoorlie, in the next month or so, and then will go to market to seek a power purchase agreement and lock in project finance. Construction on the project could begin next year.

It was also good to read about the Bumper year for solar and wind energy
2012 was another bumper year for renewable energy worldwide with solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity surpassing 100 gigawatts for the first time and wind energy capacity expanding by almost one-fifth.

On the other hand it's sad to read that Burke approves huge gas and coal plans
A clutch of big coal and coal seam gas projects, including the controversial Whitehaven mine near Narrabri in NSW, have been approved by the federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke.

And reading about the anti wind lobby A fiery wind power conspiracy groups financed by the big shots who want to keep on going with their dirty power to create alarm to stop renewables coming up.

But knowing that more and more people are aware of the situation that we have to look ahead and start investing in new technologies for renewable energy is great!

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