23 Apr 2013

Grand POO design

Poo Power found a way to unleash the power in the 1,350 tonnes of dog poo produced each day in Australia.

Students from Swinburne are involved in a design project with Poo Power to create a new dog waste management system that is:

•Functional and user-friendly
•Acceptable to dog owners, local Council and all users of public parks
•Friendly to the environment including Melbourne’s rivers, creeks and bays,
•Economically feasible.

Updates will be made throughout the year working closer towards Australia’s first Poo Power! station becoming a reality in 2013.

Interested in how they progress like the Swinburne Design Factory FB page and follow.

Some interesting background on dog poo bags here 

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  1. Thanks for the write and support. You can directly follow the project's progress on Facebook too (www.facebook.com/GreenNationAUS). Cheers, Duncan.