26 Apr 2013

March against Monsanto

Saturday 25 May 2pm - A worldwide event!
The Fight For Our Food - Organised by FOOD Watch and We Say No To GMOs
More info and Sign up for the Perth march on Facebook.

Not in Perth? Check out here for other cities.

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We March Against Monsanto because:
·  Monsanto owns 90% of all patented GM seeds and it is illegal for farmers to save them
· controls 27% of all commercial seeds including organic and heirloom varieties
· owns almost 20% of WA’s wheat and barley breeding programme (InterGrain) and intends to commercialise GM wheat
· has fought hard to prevent GM labelling laws in the US
· most foods and ingredients made using GM techniques are unlabelled
· some types of Monsanto's GM soy, corn and canola harm experimental animals, and maybe us
· GM crops reduce biodiversity & harm the environment, e.g. by harming the Monarch butterfly
· the US "Monsanto Protection" Act bans their courts from hearing disputes over GM seed.

On the day
· It would be great if you could wear a GM printed t-shirt, or a red top
· Bring your own signs and have your say on the day or carry one of ours
· Meet at Parliament by 2:00 pm
· There will be information stalls at Russell Square . If your group is interested in supporting us and would like to hold a stall contact me asap
· We will have guest speakers from 3:15 at Russell Square

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