11 Apr 2013

The poison of the pampas

Argentina's Bad Seeds, watch documentary by Aljazeera from last month here before watching older documentary below.

Argentinian TV Programme from April 18, 2010, hosted by journalist Rolando Graña: The poison of the pampas - El veneno de las pampas Englisch Subtitles. Part 1 - Monsanto, Roundup and Glyphosate.

And part 2

RTRS will allow genetically modified Roundup REady soy sprayed with Glyphosate to be labeled responsible...

The RTRS has been condemned as a greenwash exercise by over 230 civil society organisations from South America and the rest of the world.

And Australia is not only importing GM food but also growing it... our federal regulator FSANZ has/is approving the import of GM “food” grown in South America, the latest approval pending a rubberstamp from the state Ministers?

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