25 Aug 2013

Renewable Energy

Cheaper, less toxic and printable solar cells
Breakthrough advances nanomaterials for printable solar cells. An RMIT University research collaboration with top scientists in Australia and Japan is advancing next generation solar cells.
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Why financiers should pay households to put solar on their roof
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How solar and EVs will kill the last of the industry dinosaurs
Several years ago, Tony Seba, an energy expert from Stanford University, published a book called Solar Trillions, predicting how solar technologies would redefine the world’s energy markets and create an investment opportunity worth tens of trillions of dollars.
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Our carbon black hole – the real budget shortfall
As the sun sets on our fossil fuel reliance, the need to dedicate our carbon budget to renewable energy becomes increasingly critical.
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What do the big and small parties really think of wind farms?
So what do the major political parties really think about wind farms? You wouldn’t know from listening to the leaders, because climate change and renewable energy is rarely mentioned, apart from three-word slogans to axe the tax.
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The nocebo effect, and why it’s much more dangerous than wind turbines
Anti-wind energy activists have shifted the goal posts over the years, with aesthetic, birdlife, carbon abatement and even economic issues getting a run. But by far the most cutting attack has been around noise, and the supposed health impacts that result.
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