1 Aug 2013

Non chemical ecological restoration‏

At 8am Wednesday 31 July, early birds arrived to help locals hand weed Success Hill Reserve. Jennifer Catalano was there to explain how chemical-free weeding should be a slow, steady and pleasant experience in the outdoors, working with nature and with no need for chemicals.

Jennifer Catalano and her Midland Frogs group has been successfully managing Blackadder Creek for more than 12 years without chemicals Local residents who were poisoned by the herbicide that was sprayed by the Town of Bassendean in the Reserve last year are working closely with the traditional owners to ensure that there is no more chemical spraying of the Reserve.

Read their message below and lend your support in any way, especially on Friday which promises to be a fine day for being in the outdoors and sharing a morning tea!

Hi all,
We had a great day today hand weeding the Success Hill Reserve which meant that no chemicals were sprayed!!! However, it is likely that council will try and spray tomorrow. Hopefully they will have got the message by now that we are going to keep going hand weeding so as to prevent the need for spraying. We even had people coming from other suburbs today to help out after hearing about it on the radio. It would be great if we could keep this momentum going, so if you have any time to spare tomorrow no matter how small, please consider coming down to support us. The more people that are roaming around at the reserve tomorrow - the better!
Even just showing your support for the Swan River Peoples to keep their sacred site free from poisons and the local community who have already been poisoned by previous years spraying, it would be greatly appreciated. If you do have time to help out, please bring a small hand shovel, a bucket, some mozzie repellent, hat, water and if you have council type work wear…I think its called safety wear…you know fluoro mining clothes…it would be good to wear these.
I will bring morning tea. Please like us on facebook…..just search Friends of Success Hill Reserve to find us!
Hope to see you!
Best regards
Jane Bremmer, Friends of Success Hill Reserve.

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