23 Jul 2013

Chemical time bomb

In the 1980s and 1990s governments across Australia outlawed the use of the herbicide 245T. The ban was introduced for one very good reason - 245T contains dioxin, a chemical impurity with the potential to seriously harm people who are exposed to it.

Four Corners reveals evidence that this potentially deadly chemical compound may still be present in weed control products and that authorities do not routinely test for it.

The program also reveals that this hands-off approach to regulation is entirely in keeping with the way governments have dealt with the lethal chemical dioxin over four decades. Read the article and watch the 45min documentary  

Living in WA and want to do something about it, check out this website.
I just send my local council an email to point out the unnecessary spraying of our parks; most of the weed don't even dissapear while we and our pets are exposed to harmful pesticides and herbicides. I also asked our verge to be put on the exclusion zone for spraying.
There are harmless alternatives like using steam to kill weeds. As a child I learned from my mother to poor the hot water of the boiling potatoes to poor over the weeds outside to kill them. I still use this method on the weeds growing in between our tiles outside and it works perfectly. The day after pooring the hot water on the weeds you already see them dying off. After a few days you can sweep the left overs away and your tiles are clean. No harmfull side effects and it smells delicious as well.

Also read this article: It's time to dig up the truth

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