18 Jul 2013

WA coalition in favor of burning up waste to add to pollution

Coalition may back WA energy

Taxpayers' money could help underwrite projects that burn household rubbish to produce electricity after the Federal coalition put its weight behind the contentious technology.

Shadow environment minister Greg Hunt said the Federal Opposition was "extremely supportive" of "waste-to-energy" as a renewable electricity source and would look favourably on funding proposals.

The position is likely to draw the ire of State Labor and green groups, which claim waste-to-energy is a lazy way of avoiding recycling.
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It's not only a lazy way to avoid recycling, it's a way to create a lot of pollution in the process of burning (it releases dioxin and furan emissions into the atmosphere)  and landfilling the residu.
The highly toxic
fly ash must be safely disposed of. This usually involves additional waste miles and the need for specialist toxic waste landfill elsewhere. If not done properly, it may cause concerns for local residents. 

"Funding for waste-to-energy projects would form a key plank of coalition plans to win green votes".
How wrong can they be, if green minded people understand the process they will never vote for it!
Incineration is not the answer! Neither for getting rid of waste as for creating energy!


  1. Thanks for posting this Wilma. You are absolutely right! Did you know our environment minister recently approved the first incinerator in Australia at Port Headland? Such a bad decision as this industry also undermines the recycling and composting industry too.

  2. Thanks Jane, it's disgusting to see how it's all about power and money, not about a healthy environment.
    It's not we, the people, it's we, the greedy bunch of billionaires, who can turn the world into a better place... as if they only would.