24 Jul 2013

Get Outside and Grow

The typical Aussie outdoor lifestyle is becoming less of a reality for Australian families in 2013.

Shrinking backyards, longer working hours, decreased outdoor recreation time (including sports) and fewer visits to National Parks have been identified as the key drivers for this trend and present some fairly alarming facts, to name a few:
•  73% of respondents would prefer to live on a property with a large backyard/extensive outdoor area, but only 53% of Australians currently do. 
•  For every hour spent on outdoor recreation we spend over seven hours in front of screens watching television or accessing the internet.

How big is your backyard and more important, how green? Do you have trees in your garden? Or are you growing veggies and herbs? If you have kids, do you have interesting corners for them to play?

Toyota Australia makes it possible to give away a Bunnings voucher for my readers (Australia only) so the two readers who send me the most interesting photo of themselves in front of their favorite tree will get a $ 50 voucher each. This can be a tree in your backyard, in your street or in the local park. Click on my name on the top right side of this blog to apply.
I am looking forward to see your entries coming! I will chose the lucky winners on 1 August.

This one was my favorite tree, I passed it every time I walked into town. Unfortunately it has been cut in 2009 together with five others, it gave me stomach ache for a long time. I still miss this huge character.

More info on National Tree Day, 28 July 2013, click here or scroll down to 3 July to find out what's happening locally in Perth. 

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  1. Still waiting for the vouchers to come in, so the winner will be noticed a few days later as planned.